Sunday, February 27, 2011

Policy prioritizing session

I attended the Liberal Party Policy Prioritization session this weekend.  All Ontario ridings sent representatives - I was one of the Halton delegates.  The event took place at Richmond Hills Sheraton Convention Centre at Hwy 7 & Leslie.

There were 70 resolutions up for debate, discussion, (friendly)amendments, and voting - to keep the policy on the list, or remove it.  At the end of the second day, the delegates had to vote their top 10.

I don't know the results yet as I had to leave before voting was complete.

I mentioned above that friendly amendments were entertained: these policies had all been worked on and for several months beforehand and voted on by the individual ridings.  Policy authors were invited to blend or amend their policies before the session but no amendment could change the intent of the written policy.

Join the riding association. Contributing to the policy-making process is one way that ordinary citizens can get involved in the democratic process.  Consultation and inclusiveness is part of what Liberalism is all about.  I found the whole process very interesting.

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