Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I will contest Halton Federal Liberal Nomination

After a great deal of consultation, I have decided to contest the nomination for the Halton Federal Liberal riding.  

Going for the nomination was so far off my radar, I had to take a step back when people began asking me to run after Deborah Gillis stepped aside.  After consultation with many people I trust and respect, I said yes.  It is a huge step but I feel it is the right one. 

What I bring to the job:
  • Communications has always been my strong point and will always be a priority.  I’ve had many notes of thanks for the communications I employed over my seven years as a Milton councillor 
  • I have been very involved in the community for many years, so I understand the needs of the community.
  • I am a hard worker
  • I research all sides of an issue because I don’t feel anybody has a lock on all the good ideas.
It's a fact that many people don’t care for the party leader, however, the credibility of the party would be irreparably damaged if the party was to endure yet another leadership change this soon. It’s time for grass roots Liberals to stand up and be counted, to pull the party together, to draw strength from one another.  

I hope to have community support for my nomination, a process which has three steps:
  1. Getting the green light as a viable candidate - filling in a 35-page nomination package, which includes getting the signatures of 30 members in good standing, and obtaining police and credit checks. 
  2. In concert with the first step: selling Liberal memberships ($10).  The more memberships sold, the more viable the candidate. It’s a matter of getting 20 people to sell 10 memberships, and those people selling 10 memberships, and so on.  Rather like a pyramid, really.
  3. The 3rd step is getting as many of those same people to attend the riding nomination meeting when it’s called – expected to be sooner, rather than later.  
It's purely a numbers game.  I hope to have the support of the community.

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