Monday, October 25, 2010

Election Day is here

Election day is finally here!  I've met so many fine people, worked with so many wonderful volunteers, knocked on so many doors, and walked so many miles during this run up to the election.
Hello everyone,
We can't know what the outcome of today's election will be but I wanted to thank you now, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support accorded me in the run up to this election.
Thank you for believing in my candidacy for Local & Regional Councillor and for coming forward to offer support in so many many different ways:
  • I consulted with a vast number of people along the way.  Thank you all for taking the time, giving me the benefit of your knowledge, your advice and encouragement;
  • Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who gave so much of their time to drive me in the rural area, door-knocking in the urban area, and for stuffing mailboxes;
  • Thank you to the many requests for sign placements and to all those who helped place those signs - and thank you to those who will remove them on the day after the election;
  • Thanks to Mary for coordinating the volunteers and the schedule.  What a load off my mind.
  • Thanks to Shauna for the electronic newsletters, and other help;
  • Thank you for the many hundreds of volunteer hours in order to do all the above;
  • Thank you for the many emails and phone calls of encouragement;
  • Thank you to Tim for some outstanding help;
  • Thanks to Toni for making me look good in print, for her strategic thinking;
  • Thanks to Ginny and Michelle for the outstanding election signs, and the brochure work;
  • I even have thanks for the one guy who said he would never vote for me even if I was the only person on the ballot - it helps to keep one's feet on the ground;-) 
  • Thank you for the financial contributions from so many different quarters;
  • Thanks for other miscellaneous help that doesn't fit in any of the above categories but which, nevertheless, was invaluable;
  • and special thanks to my husband, my steady support at home even while fighting cancer, now just recovering from successful surgery on Friday, in time to come home for the election party, win or lose, this evening.  And thanks for all for the good wishes for his speedy recovery.  We've been blessed.
Thank you for the faith you showed in me over the last 7 years.  We got the job done because we worked together to resolve issues.
It's been a great road to walk and I've met many wonderful people.  What a privilege it is to be in my shoes!
Thank you one and all.

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