Saturday, September 25, 2010

Results of My Councillor Performance Survey

I asked people in Ward 3, along with other Miltonians for whom I’ve worked over the years, to rate my performance as their public representative to Milton Council.

I believe I am the only Councillor who has ever done anything like this. And to me, that is true accountability.  And I hope their ratings will be more helpful in telling you how I will represent you, than campaign promises.

The summary report from my 2010 Performance Survey is now available. Please read it if you really want to understand what kind of representation you can expect from me.

The bottom line on my performance?  Over 90% of people rated the quality of my overall representation as an 8/10 or better, where a “10/10” is “the best representation we could ask for”.

The people also gave me very high ratings on effectiveness and consultation with the public which are pivotal to me.

Read the report and you’ll see why 99% of decided voters have either already decided to send me to represent them at the Regional/Local Councils or are confident they are very likely to.

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