Friday, April 4, 2014

Safe Hands

“It will be a choice between my safe hands and their reckless schemes.”  Says Premier Kathleen Wynne.  She apparently said it with a straight face.  Hello, what about the $1.1billion power plant fiasco?  Not to mention the latest news that police are investigating the erasing of emails related to the true cost of the power plant cancellation.

What about the $1billion ORNGE debacle?  What about the E-Health scandal, and the lack of oversight resulting in a loss of over $200million at Hydro.

And neither are the PanAm Games without controversy and scandal with two more officials getting the axe. The last official got a $530,000 severance package – how much will the latest two be paid to leave ?  And why are they getting severance packages anyway.  I always thought that if you got the axe – there should be a penalty, not a reward.

Safe hands?  I think not.  It’s time to hand over the reins to the NDP.

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