Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Needing to purchase one more gift? I have a suggestion

On a new tangent today....
In order to maintain my ability to volunteer, I work at a part-time job.  As anyone knows, it isn't cheap being a volunteer with the cost of gas to travel to meetings and events, the cost to buy tickets to attend those events, memberships to belong to the organizations for whom one volunteers and so on it goes....

I started a new sales career with the Amway line.  I used to sell Amway way back in the mid 70's and my, oh my, has the product line changed in the intervening years!  Amway products were always "green" but are even greener now.  The product line has expanded to include makeup, healthcare products, gift cards, as well as an growing laundry product line (especially good for those on septic systems) and a whole lot more.  Check out my website for the full product line.

If you haven't finished your shopping yet, the gift cards are unique.  You decide how much you want to spend - your recipients gets the gift card and booklet - no prices or values are shown anywhere.  The recipient selects what they want, and it's delivered to their home.

Read more here. I have the $35 dollar card on hand now for the special price of $30 each if you buy one.  Buy 5 and you pay only $140 (that's $28 each). 

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