Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are you sitting on your BUT?

On February 28th, I attended Milton Toastmasters’ 30th anniversary where I heard one of the best speakers ever!

Susan Lamb-Robinson was the most amazing, and motivating, speaker.  She came out on stage and immediately spoke about having a big BUT.  My first thought was: “uh,oh a weight loss speech!” But, no. She continued on, that a great many of us have big BUTS. That we all sit around on our BUTS….
·         I could have been xxx BUT…
·         I could have got that job, BUT…
·         I would have done xxx, BUT…
·         I could have had xxx, BUT…

We’re all sitting on those BUTS instead of doing something.  We're letting those BUTS hold us back. It was an AHA! moment for me. Her message got my mind racing.  What BUTS were holding me back?  I may have accomplished a few things in my life so far BUT are there BUTS preventing me from achieving other goals?  

Let’s get rid of our buts. Let’s not leave any regrets behind us.

We had breakfast with friends a few days after hearing Susan speak.  I’ll give him the initial “B” for now.  After years of thinking and talking about it, “B” is getting off his BUT and going into business for himself. Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to get off our BUTS. The transition hasn’t quite happened, that’s why I’m sticking with just an initial for him just now.  Good luck, “B”.  I know you will do well.

If your company or group needs a motivational speaker, I can’t recommend Susan Lamb-Robinson highly enough.  She’s overcome a lot of diversity in her own life in order to put her BUTS behind her.
Thank you, Susan!

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  1. This is a great post, BUT......(only joking). I really enjoyed reading this and I too hope to kick all the buts out of my life too.