Sunday, January 29, 2012

Voting in Canada – or lack thereof!

I read a comment that said our vote is our weapon.  So why aren’t more people using that weapon, a weapon that is free (our ancestors already having fought for our right to vote), and takes only a few minutes to wield, instead of letting others speak for them?  To say, “my vote doesn’t matter”, is only an excuse not to vote.

Some of the non-voter turnout is due to a lack of engagement by the community, in the community – people are more transient than years ago.  Residing in an area for only 2-4 years, they don’t get to know who their representatives are, or who is running, what the issues are, etc.  Others just aren’t engaged in community matters: they don't feel anyone is listening, so they don't reach out.

I was elected to VP Membership for Halton Federal Liberal Association on December 8, 2011: my goal is to increase membership in the riding.  Liberals have less than three years to get better organized at the grass roots level, to “engage” the community, create better reasons to “wield those weapons”.

We need to create a dynamic organization, one that lets people know their voices are being heard and that their voices really matter.  I would be interested in people’s constructive ideas and suggestions about rebuilding membership.

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