Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank a Vet - Buy a Poppy

At the mall today there was an elderly ex-service man selling poppies.  We see them everywhere at this time of year but it got me thinking about the reason he’s selling poppies.

Our veterans, who fought so hard, often in extremely harsh conditions, and now very elderly, stand on corners and shop doorways every November hoping people will buy a poppy, many of which have been assembled by veterans themselves.  The poppy sales help support their fellow veterans in need of assistance. 

Buying and wearing a poppy gives us all an opportunity to feel good about supporting our service men and women but it occurred to me we should be doing a better job of looking after these survivors, that they shouldn’t have to do the job themselves.  I urge everyone to give generously to the next vet selling poppies.

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