Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ontario Truck Driving Championships 2010

The Ontario Truck Driving Championships 2010 has gone down in the history books as another successful event.

The weather was very cooperative but just barely for Friday. I was chairing the Mayor's Reception which was to flow indoors and out. After checking Google weather maps I gave the go ahead at 3:30 to keep to our original arrangements. It was very humid but no more rain.

Troy's Diner did an excellent job on the reception food and was an great help with the arrangements. The evening went really well, although Penny Rabishaw, president of the Ontario Truck Driving Championships, didn't make it to the reception. Her first grandchild was born that same evening!

Saturday was a brilliant day for the championships which took place at Mohawk Racetrack. And what a show it was - 2 women took top honours. I will post a link for the winners when they are available.

Mohawk Racetrack personnel provided an excellent meal. Jim Kenzie was great as the emcee - Great job, Jim! It was a nice evening, enjoyed by all.

It takes over 60 volunteers to work the various components of the event - Click here for pictures of some of the volunteers. There are no paid employees, it`s all volunteers administrators as well.


  1. I had no idea that there was such thing as truck driving championships. I've seen all kinds of truck driver jobs in Ontario, but nothing like this. I would love to watch this sometime.

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