Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why are we hosting G8/G20?

I question why we felt we could do it for $200million, only to find out the real figure is over $1BILLION;

I question why, in this hi-tech digital age, these leaders think they have to have this meeting face to face;

I question why there isn’t a limit on the number of people in each entourage – unlimited family members, staff, hangers on, etc. all at the expense of the host country!

I question why it’s necessary to meet face-to-face when any decisions or actions arising from the meetings will in fact have been decided by the bureaucrats either before or after the fact;

I question why Deerhurst was considered an appropriate place to hold sessions, only to decide later on that we would create a fortress in downtown Toronto, and create hardships for downtown businesses;

I question why it was necessary to spend $10million on North Bay Airport, THEN decide everyone will use Toronto Airport;

I question who did the planning, who is making the decisions;

And I question why we can’t afford to do more for our marginalized population when we can turn around so easily and justify spending One BILLION dollars for three days of meetings. Describing it as a “meeting” may be a rather simplistic way of looking at it but that’s what it boils down to.

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